Here are some easy ways that can help you fix the Yahoo Messenger 9.0 error problem.

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    Fix consumable replacement issues for increased flexibility
    1. Blown fuse
    A blown fuse may indicate problems with the internalchains. The power supply controls the high voltage power supply and the bank. Voltage fluctuations or power surges in the mains often lead to an automatic increase in current, which can lead to a blown fuse. Users are advised to check for a faulty, open or damaged rectifier diode, high voltage filter electrolytic capacitor or inverter power tube on the source side. If the power supply fuse has definitely blown without any indication of similar usage problems, you should check aspects of the board to see if they have blown due to electrolyte leakage. Otherwise, users should consult the multimeter if there is any malfunction or short-term operation. Users are not allowed to use the device even after finding and replacing the damaged attribute, because the failure of the HV components may damage the newly replaced part. When sold with a blown fuse, the user must check all highVoltage components, usually on a printed circuit board, before operating the unit.

    2. No DC output or unpredictable output voltage. If the mains fuse is good, but there can be no DC output when the load is at different heights, it can usually be caused by open circuit, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent or auxiliary power supply failure, failure of the resonant circuit with respect to load of the power supply, failure of the rectifier diode in the high-frequency rectifier and, as a result, a smoothing circuit or leakage current on the smoothing capacitor. If, after checking the secondary components, the output voltage can be zero due to the multimeter and troubleshooting or an additional short circuit of the high frequency rectifier diode, this tool can confirm that the problem with the power control circuit is still there. If there are voltage drops on some parts, it means that the onboard circuitry is working properly and this may be a problem The scheme of the high-frequency rectification smoothing circuit. The high-pass filter circuit mainly uses a rectifier diode and a low-voltage clearing capacitor to produce a constant current. If all rectifier diodes fail, the program will no longer hold the output. In addition, current leakage from the selected capacitor results in an unstable output signal. Damaged components can be found online by checking the damaged parts with a single multimeter.

    3. Poor resilience
    Poor resilience is a common dysfunction. This often happens with traditional power grids or those that last much longer. Causes are old built-in components, unstable header pipes, or poor cooling conditions. Users should check and confirm the condition of the normal diode, rectifier diode, high voltage elimination capacitor, etc.

    yahoo messenger 9.0 error

    Switching power supply repair guide
    Switching power supply can be repaired in two steps:
    1. In case Service Interruptions The user can perform a safety check by visually inspecting, feeling, asking and measuring.

  • Visual inspection: open the power supply to see if someone’s fuse is blown. Check the inside of the power supply. When using PCB components, users should check the surrounding components and the corresponding component diagrams.
  • Smell: usually check if any part of the power supply smells burnt during measurements, if there is a burnt component.
  • Questions. Request a process for granting destructive abilities and see if a destructive operation can occur.
  • Dimension. Before turning on the power, measure the voltage at both ends of each high voltage capacitor with a multimeter. If the switching power supply does not generate properly or has malfunctions caused by the tuning tube, in most cases, the capacitor present at both ends of the high voltage shield capacitor is not released. Since nYour blood pressure is really high, be careful! When measuring forward and reverse resistance at both ends with respect to AC lines, as well as the role of the degree of charge of the capacitor, the warning value should not be small, otherwise, of course, part of the internal specific power supply will be in short circuit mode. In addition, the capacitor is safely powered to release and charge. Users then need to measure whether to complete the resistive grounding of the various outputs after the load is disconnected. Typically, the multimeter reads golf for power, load and capacitor. The indicator is that the resilience of most traps can finally be displayed.
  • 2. Power on test
    Check for blown fuses and smoke components after power on. If necessary, users turn off the power to perform maintenance.
    Measure whether there is 300V voltage performance at both ends associated with smoothing high voltage capacitors. Es And this is normal, the user should check the rectifier, diode, smoothing capacitor, etc. What you are measuring for yourself is the output voltage on the secondary coils of the high frequency transformer. If it is indeed normal, users should check if the TV switch is damaged, if the water line switch is swinging, if the corresponding circuit is working, etc. If they find any problems suggested in the above aspects, users should check the diodes, rectifier, remove the capacitors and three control tubes of the regulator on the performance side.

    Download this software now to protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.

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