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    If you are facing Windows Vista Bluetooth service error, the following guide should help you.

    Many modern desktops come with built-in Bluetooth adapters, and adding one to your desktop is usually as easy as loading it into a blank USB drive. In most cases, installing to and through Bluetooth devices in Windows Vista requires minimal user intervention. However, if Windows Vista cannot find or pair your Bluetooth devices, do not try to fix the problem yourself before contacting technical support or calling a technician.

    Check Connection Signals

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    Does Windows Vista support Bluetooth?

    Windows Vista increases the use of a Bluetooth wireless headset for voice conversations or Internet queries, and it is very easy to use an operating system to help locate a device.

    In most cases, you will be able to use a real Bluetooth device with Windows Vista within a few seconds after you enable or disable the following features. Provided that Vista does not recognize the smartphone after a few seconds, the first,what helps is that your computer has a bluetooth receiver adapter and is part of it. Click Start | Computer | System properties | Dispatcher, Device and locate the Bluetooth receiver adapter in the hardware device list and make sure there is no yellow or red tattoo next to the adapter. If so, reinstall the driver software for that Bluetooth adapter. Alternatively, remove the card by right-clicking its name and selecting Remove, then Schedule, click Action in the Device Manager menu bar and click Find Hardware. Changes To make Vista detect the Bluetooth adapter again and reinstall its driver. If you are using the latest Bluetooth adapter connected to your computer PC, plug it into a specific USB port on your computer to see if that solves that specific issue.

    Detection And Problems


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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • You must enable discoverable mode on many Bluetooth devices before receiving adapters can receive them. Therefore, if Windows Vista definitely does not recognizeYour Bluetooth device, check the device settings to make sure it is discoverable. If your device is probably not a phone or a device in the menu, check your device and look for a button or switch that allows the device to enter discoverable mode. After enabling discovery mode on a device, click Start, Devices and Printers, and then click the Add Device button. discoverable bluetooth device. Some Bluetooth devices require a PIN code to be entered before pairing. If so, refer to your device manual for the default code. If you do not have instructions, try “0000” or “1234”, as most of them are used by the manufacturer as standard codes for many devices. If these codes work, do not go to the manufacturer’s support site to find the code for your device.

    Troubleshoot Microsoft Bluetooth

    How do I turn on Bluetooth on Windows Vista?

    When only one computer has such a fabulous switch, turn on the Bluetooth switch.Click the Windows Start button, then select Control Panel.Click the Hardware and Sound link, then select the Bluetooth Devices option.Turn on your Bluetooth deviceTo connect to a trusted computer.

    How do I enable Bluetooth service?

    Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in under Services.Double click Bluetooth Support.After the Bluetooth support service has finished, click Start.In the Startup Type email list, click Automatic.Click on the “Connection” tab.Click Local System Account.Click OK.

    If your system bluetooth adapter is working fine and you do not see the warning sign in Device Manager or if you think it is overriddenThis driver will really help, download and run any free Microsoft utility. Connections. To troubleshoot Bluetooth issues, visit the Microsoft website (see Resources), click the Repair icon on that web page to download the utility to your computer, and then click the saved file to launch the software application. The utility will scan for missing or damaged files and perform any necessary PC repairs for Bluetooth connections in Vista. After launching the utility, if necessary, restart your computer and try to reconnect the Bluetooth device to the computer.

    Update Your Drivers Or Even Reinstall Them

    windows vista bluetooth service error

    If uninstalling and reinstalling the receiver adapter in Device Manager does not work (in most cases due to a corrupted driver file or a conflict with another device), download the latest driver for the receiver adapter from our manufacturer. If you are using a laptop, please copy the latest driver from the laptop manufacturer’s support website. If you are using a new high quality external adapter p Bluetooth, search for package approval or download site and download the driver e-book from there. Disable the bluetooth receiver if you are using an external adapter, then ask the installer to remove my old driver and reinstall the latest driver. If prompted, restart your computer and try signing in again.

    How do you reset Bluetooth service?

    Open the Start menu and go to Run. If you don’t see it, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (that’s the main Windows logo on it) and then just press the R key on your keyboard.Log into Services.Scroll down to Bluetooth Support.

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    windows vista bluetooth service error

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