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    In the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error that caused Windows to be unable to find the svchost .exe file. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. We’ll cover them below.

    windows can not find svchost .exe

    Have you noticed in your company that Windows cannot check for svchost.exe errors only at startup? If so, it is more likely that this particular svchost. Basically, it is a regular service host that can run multiple services on the system.

    When it comes to malware, some other reasons such as file corruption, bad Windows files and unnecessary items running are sometimes the cause of the crash. Fortunately, you can saveFrom a full PC scan, installing the most popular Windows updates, disabling startup programs, but beyond this problem. So go through the list of solutions and see which one works fine.

    List of Methods

    How do I fix svchost.exe error?

    Solution 1: Stop Windows updates from the desktop.Solution 2: Deploy reverse Windows updates.Solution 3. Check your startup programs.Solution four.Solution 5.Access geo-restricted video articles with a VPN.Don’t pay ransomware providers – use alternativesnew data transfer options.

    1] Run Full PC Scan
    2] Run System File Scan
    3] Using DISM Tool
    4] Disable any startup items
    5] Check for Windows Updates

    How do you fix Windows Cannot find .exe file make sure that you have typed the name correctly?

    Select the This PC option in the file explorer. Tap the explorer symbol on the main Windows taskbar.Correct the error in choosing a third-party application.Re-register Windows Ten applications.Open the Microsoft Store App Troubleshooter.Rename the EXE files.

    Here are instructions on how to fix Windows cannot find svchost.exe error when Windows 10 starts up –

    1] Perform A Full PC Scan

    windows can not find svchost .exe

    As mentioned earlier, one of the fundamental factors that Windows might not be aware of due to the svchost.exe error is the Kindle threat masquerading as our own svchost. Therefore, leading experts suggest doing your own full PC scan to find the culprit. This type of scan is likely to detect any embedded ring-shaped folder of deep-rooted files in the system. While it may take a long time, some of them will help you find the root cause of the exe issue. Use the appSee Windows Security, a built-in security tool, and follow these steps:

    1. Go to the taskbar and just click the up arrow to show the hidden icons. Once the symbols are visible, put on the shield.
    2. Select antivirus protection and threat categories.
    3. Switch to the Lite version on the right and click the Scan Settings link. When all screen theme options are visible, click the “Full Remote Scan” button.
    4. Click “Scan Now” at the bottom of the button. The whole process will take a long time as each tool scans the inside of the device to find the culprit.

    1. Now, depending on the result of the scan, take the necessary measures and simply protect the computer from suspicious activity.

    2] Check System Files

    Where should svchost.exe be located?

    As a layered program, svchost.exe is located in the ” Windows System32″ system folder. This is actually a protected folder and cannot be viewed by users who do not currently have administrator rights. The program was closed by the Service Control Manager (SCM) after the system was started.

    Any file corruption found on the system can be repaired using one of the built-in utilities. Run the System File Checker tool and check the integrity of your system files frequently. Several reasons, such as installing a new PCGraphs, changing Windows settings, completely changing the registry, can lead to sorting conflicts in the system. Therefore, svchost.exe cannot be selected for a complete Windows look and feel. Failure to start will not throw an exception. Follow the instructions below and do it for free –

    1. Press the key combination “Win logo + S” to launch the search selection on the taskbar. Paste cmd.exe and right click on Command Prompt.
    2. Select “Run as administrator” and whenever UAC is enabled, click “Yes” until prompted.
    3. As soon as a real black window appears on the screen, edit the request below or copy and paste it and press –
    1. It will definitely take at least 15 minutes to complete the scan. If the tool detects a problem, it immediately tries to repair it.
    2. Restart ten Windows computers for effective results.

    3] Use DISM To Fix The Windows Cannot Find Error Svchost.exe

    Experts believe that Windows cannot find the svchost.exe file. An error may occurdue to a problem with Windows. Windows image files failed when moved, the system is designed for multiple issues. Run the optional built-in DISM tool and fix the error if necessary. Follow the instructions and run the utility –

    1. Right-click the Start icon and select Run. While typing cmd.exe, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter at the same time to open Command Prompt only as administrator from the Run dialog box.
    2. If a pop-up window appears, click “Yes” to continue.
    3. Now paste the specified command line and just press Enter after each one to run each one separately.
    1. After the various scans have completed, it is best to restart the device type and then check to see if the Windows svchost.exe error can be found.

    4] Disable All Startup Items

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  • Each time Windows boots, a number of programs are launched that are believed to have a significant effect on the schema. Thus, in such situations, it becomes necessary to make sure that onlyrelated items that usually work like Windows security. Therefore, disable unwanted programs at startup by following the suggested steps –

    1. Right-click a specific free space on the taskbar. Open Task Manager from the list of available options.
    2. When you open Task Manager, select the Start tab.
    3. Now select almost all items one by one except Windows Security and click Disable.

    1. Finally, restart your device and check when Windows starts to see if it is difficult for Windows to find the svchost.exe error.

    5] Check For Windows Updates

    Is svchost Exe a virus?

    As a Quora user says, svchost.exe is not a virus. It is an integral part of Windows. Windows has many network services that give you options such as surfing the Internet, discovering multimedia devices in your home, printing, etc. svchost.exe allows Windows to reduce the number of the most important Windows services that the system undoubtedly needs. …

    Microsoft releases updates that often include several new features, preview releases, bug and issue fixes, driver updates, and more. If any of these updates are missing, the device may become less secure, which could even adversely affect the system. Therefore, it is probably very important to keep the system up to date in order to be able to work with the latest version for the OS.Improving Windows 10 performance. How to check and install the latest advances –

    1. Open Windows settings and set the key combination “Win + I”.
    2. Select Update & Security.
    3. The Windows partition update is displayed by default. Call the Check for Updates button in the right pane.
    4. Wait while the system scans and be sure to point these available updates in the same GUI. When the list is visible, click Download to get updates.

    1. Restart my device if you see that it is required by updates for the entire installation.

    How do I get to svchost.exe services?

    On the Windows taskbar, click Start and then Run.In the Open box, type CMD and press Enter.Enter Tasklist / SVC and enter Journalists.

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    What is SvcHost process analyzer?

    Svchost Process Analyzer is a free portable method that analyzes the svchost.exe file and demonstrates the services associated with the process. If you click on any id in the top window, the main services will be shown below with the DLL file and status.

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