Today’s guide is designed to help you if you are getting sync error with error code 0x8024400e.

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    Some, but not all WSUS clients are unable to check for updates. A number of errors are displayed in the% windir% WindowsUpdate.log file, for example:

    • WARNING: SyncUpdates error, error = 0x8024400E, detergent client error = 7, detergent error code = 400, HTTP status = 200
    • WARNING: PT error: 0x8024400e
    • WARNING: positive sync failed, error = 0x8024400E
    • ATTENTION: refusal of the husband or wife of WU. Check for updates with error 0x8024400e

    From the complete listing on the WSUS codes page hosted on this type of blog, error 0x8024400e includes “SUS_E_PT_SOAP_SERVER: The message was ok but the node could not be processed yet. The same message * may * be completed successfully later. ” A? I already took a strong shower this morning! What happens to this type of SOAP business?

    This issue was caused by an issue with the recent check for updates New Office 2003 Service Pack 1 on WSUS. As a result, some wsus.X servers sync revision with very inconsistent state. When computers with commercially available Office 2003-specific products and solutions communicate with one of these WSUS servers, the Web service is currently unable to obtain permissions, resulting in a discovery error.

    To reset permissions to maintain a consistent state on the WSUS server, do the following in the WSUS Administration Console:

    1. Look for Office 2003 Service Pack 1 Update in the list of General Updates. This may mean that the approval and status filters related to the update UI have been extended (set the status to “All” and the approval again to “Denied”. Denied “
    2. Do the following:
    • First make sure the update is simply declined. If the update has not been rejected yet, right-click the change and reject it.
    • Then confirm the progress:
      • Right click on the selected volumeNew, and then select the “Approve …” option from the platform menu.
      • In the Updates dialog box that opens, just click OK. Clearly close the displayed progress approval dialog box.
    • Then scale back the update.
      • Right-click the extension and select Approve … from the context menu.
      • In the Updates dialog box that opens, just click OK to confirm. Close any “Progress Approval” dialog box that may appear.

    Computers that fail the scan will now be successfully detected when fighting the server and will receive any specific updates.

    Note. If you have a power tree for WSUS servers, these steps will be performed on each server and also when the top-level server starts. If one of the servers is a child synthetic version, you need to change this method to standalone first, then follow the steps above, and then change it to replica. This can be done in the Options / Source dialog box.update book and proxy server ”.

    Hi. I seemed very disappointed that I couldn’t find the formula anywhere, so after I finally did some updates that worked again I thought I was going to post this

    i In-Place Upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to ’08 (x86 Standard 32-bit). The spare DVD contained several service packs that were released in the installer. The installation started without any problems, the posted plans started running. But the equipment was found those that are in the DMZ and cannot be connected to Internet sites like will receive updates and therefore will have to use WSUS for messages only (the firewall allows http to the WSUS intranet server). It worked before your direct update from WSUS suitable for providing updates to this server.

    After your direct update, I no longer update WSUS and often see the following error messages in your% windir% WindowsUpdate.log:

    synchronize error 0x8024400e

    WARNING: SyncUpdates error, error = 0x8024400E, detergent client error = 7, error code nflushing fluid = 400, HTTP status prefix = rule 200

    To work around the firewall issues, I used the “NETSTAT -AN” command line on the client server and the WSUS server and I should see a session connected to http port 80.

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  • For example, “InternalServerError (5)” looks oddly like an access denied problem. But as described in this article about Update Agent Error Codes on Windows ( -codes.aspx), software error 0x8024400E -2145107954 means: “WU_E_PT_SOAP_SERVER Same as SOAP_E_SERVER – SOAP message could not be processed due to your own server error; send later. ” Several attempts did not help.

    There is nothing useful in system windows, client server application logs, or WSUS server. Some

    During my research, I found some creative ideas and followed these steps:

    1. Removed an entry about this primary computer from the WSUS database

    2. Edited remote hkey_local_machine software microsoft windows currentversion windowsupdate from laptop or computer, now all values ​​were there: “SusClientId” hence “SusClientIdValidation”.

    6. BITS restarted and Windows update service on the client.

    7. Restarting the service update service and sending an IISRESET command to the wsus server.

    8. Using an elevated command prompt, I moved this command to “WUAUCLT: .EXE / ResetAuthorization / DetectNow Command”.

    WSUS provided a new entry for its client base and now displays the updated Win2008 client status in place. The server will now download the updates and report the progress to WSUS.

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