In the past few days, some of our users have encountered a known error code where rsync send_files was unable to open I / O error 5. Several factors can cause this issue. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    rsync send_files failed to open input/output error 5

    Unfortunately, this is a common error when running rsync commands. This error must occur due to hard drive failure, sufficient permissions, etc.

    At Bobcares, we get frequent requests to troubleshoot rsync (5) I / O error due to server administration services.

    So, this morning let’s take a closer look at this error and see how our support engineers can fix it for our customers.

    What Is An Rsync (5) I / O Error?

    As we all know, rsync is generally popular due to its faster full copy. It is preferred mainly because of the wide variety of computer options on offer, but it is subject to penalties due to search engine data.

    Recently one of our clients contacted most of us with an rsync error. He performed daily script backups using rsync.

    But a few days ago, there was an error while saving one of your dog’s files.

      rsync: learned assignment errors "/home/folder/file.ext": I / O errors (5)  

    This error is usually a recommendationThe expected impossibility of reading rsync and writing a file.

    This results in an error for many reasons. We will explain some of the reasons for this error, as well as check the corresponding car repair.

    Rsync I / O Errors Causes And Fixes

    Finding the root cause of an rsync (5) I / O error will be tricky. Based on our experience with server management, dedicated personal engineers believe this is mainly due to crashes, insufficient hard disk permissions, and so on. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

    1. Hard Disk Malfunctions

    Typically, this rsync error can be caused by hard disk errors in or within the focus source directory.


    To check if these disk problems are the cause of the error, let’s try to copy the files manually. If all files were copied successfully, we can verify that the source of the error is hard disk errors in the original directory.

    We will repeat this process later. This time we will write about many kinds of hard disk partitions, and this important section will solve the problem.

    We also exclude software with a command if it turns out that we have a bug in our SRC directory niche.

      rsync -av --exclude = '/ home / my_name / directory_with_corrupt_files / *'  

    Here, the rsync process skips a portion of the copy of the files specified in this directory.

    2. Not Enough

    Same As Privileges

    Incorrect file or folder permissions can also cause this error. In such cases, our own support engineers always recommend using the root account on the SRC and TGT machines.

    If we don’t have root access, consumers check to see if rsync files are available to us. Otherwise, most users will change permissions and manage files. This provides the necessary prerequisites for the user running the rsync process.

    3. Program Files Network


    rsync I / O error can also occur if the file is blocked by antivirus software.

    A temporarily blocks anti-virus files. Therefore, rsync may not be able to access the file. It can also cause most of the errors side input-output.

    If you repeat the same command after a few months, in most cases the error will be fixed. Or maybe we temporarily disabled or even ignored the directories used by antivirus programs on the way to antivirus.

    [Need help troubleshooting an rsync (5) I / O error? – We can help you.]


    In short, rsync (5) I / O error mainly occurs due to insufficient hard disk errors, access rights, etc. In today’s description, this error was discussed in detail, and we also saw how our service specialists support has been fixing it for our customers.


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    I have 2 external drives that I sync with rsync . I regularly perform this task on one of two machines and in many cases switch between them.For simplicity. I have 4 machines running Debian 9 and they use disks connected to each one.

      rsync -ahv --delete drive-x drive-y 

    basically: rsync: readlink_stat ... error: I / O error (5)
    also: rsync: rsync: recv_generator: mkdir ... failed: read-only filesystem (30)

    If you want to know what happened, I reassembled the disks twice, restarted, ran rsync without --delete and it was basically painful for me to fix what is reliable worked for a long time. I even thought about downloading rsync again. Before doing this, I decided to use a 2-disc rsync type on another sewing machine that I am using offline. rsync was fine.

    After reading the stuff posted here, I installed clamav , currently updating signatures and scanning my home directory. I use it regularly on another big machine. I found 1 in addition to 1 PUA and removed this task. I also have andel from PUA. Then I reassembled the two disks with this computer and left separate folders with test files for each disk.

    I ran rsync -ahv --remove Duplicate content drive_x drive_y and it worked.

    rsync send_files failed to open input/output error 5

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    Stappen Om Rsync Send_files Te Repareren Kunnen I/O-fout 5 Mogelijk Niet Openen
    Kroki, Aby Naprawić Rsync Send_files Z Pewnością Nie Mogły Otworzyć Błędu I / O 5
    Rsync Send_files를 수정할 수 있는 단계는 I/O 오류 5를 확장할 수 없습니다.
    I Passaggi Per Correggere Rsync Send_files Non Hanno Potuto Aprire L’errore I/O 5
    Etapas Para Corrigir Rsync Send_files Podem Muito Bem Não Abrir O Erro De I / O 5
    Steg Till För Att Starta Rsync Send_files Kunde Inte öppna I/O-fel 5
    Los Pasos Para Corregir Rsync Send_files No Pudieron Funcionar En Windows. Error De E / S 5
    Le Temps Des étapes Pour Le Correctif Rsync Send_files N’a Pas Pu être Sensible à L’erreur D’E/S 5
    Schritte Zum Beheben Von Rsync Send_files Konnte E / A-Fehler 5 Nicht öffnen
    Шаги по исправлению Rsync Send_files не мог слишком открыть ввод-вывод, сделать ошибку 5