Hope this article helps you if you find the rewrite page cannot be found.

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      DirectoryIndex index.phpRewrite engineRewriteBase / admin /Rewrite rule ^ ([^ /] +) / ([^ /] +) /? $ Permissions / index.php? Action = $ 1 & id = $ 2 [L, QSA]RewriteCond% REQUEST_FILENAME -d [OR]RewriteCond% REQUEST_FILENAME -fRewrite rule ~ ^ [L]Solve # .php file targeting urls without extensionRewriteRule php ^ ([^ /.] +) $$ 1.php [L] 
      The requested URL /admin/create.php was not found on this server. 

    Something is wrong with .my ..htaccess, rewrite control is mostly used by index.php to select a request to send. I really want my create.php file to be accessible and contain the path

      from http://member.mydomain.com/admin/permissions/create 

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  •   DirectoryIndex index.phpRewrite engineRewriteBase / admin /RewriteCond! -DRewriteCond% request_filename% DOCUMENT_ROOT / $ 1  .php -fThe rewrite rule is ^ (. +?) /? $ $ 1.php [L]Rewrite rule ^ ([^ /] +) / ([^ /] +) /? $ Permissions / index.php? Action = $ 1 & id = $ 2 [L, QSA]RewriteCond% REQUEST_FILENAME -d [OR]RewriteCond -fRewriteRule% request_filename ^ 1) [L] 
      Not FoundThe requested URL / admin / permissions / create was not found on our server.In addition, nA 404 Not Error was encountered while trying to use ErrorDocument to process a request. 

    I am assuming (find your RewriteRule this template) that this type of .htaccess file is in the / Removalscenter directory? (Although the first pair of directives are generic and allow , the rest of the directives seem to be hardcoded?)

    RewriteBase , you do not need to enter the full path for the RewriteRule person - therefore RewriteBase is used. You have the option to save the RewriteRule replacement at any time (simplifying the rules). For example:

    rewriterule page not found

    RewriteRule. /removalscenter/index.php [L]

      RewriteRule. Indicator. [L]  php 

    http: // localhost / sitename / landing-page /? from = Algeria & to = Afghanistan & submit = Submit

    Your example url doesn't look like a full url. For example, there is no indexed document. index.php . If you do not specifically specify this mod_dir, you will need to "fix" it, which will result in a special overwrite that can cause problems. So it should be something like:

      http: //localhost/sitename/landing-page/index.php? from = Algeria & vers = Afghanistan & submit = Submit 

    Likewise, the forward slash at the end of the RewriteCond directive should not be optional.

    To continue debugging 404, you need to temporarily change the internal overwrite directly to a temporary external redirect (302) by adding the R flag. For example:

    rewriterule page not found

      RewriteRule ^ Distances-from - ([^ -] +) - to - ([^ -] +) $ Landingpage / index.php? from = $ 1 & to = $ 2 & submit = Submit [L / D] 

    I want to make a simple .htaccess rotation rule, but it works, I cannot make it.

      RewriteEngineRewrite rule ^ api $ phpinfo.php404 error document /error.phpphp_flag display_errorsphp_flag display_startup_errorsphp_flag file_uploadsphp_value error_reporting 2047php_value max_input_time 60php_value post_max_size 8Mphp_value upload_max_filesize 2M 

    When I have access to / api I get a 404 error and thank you for not being able to find / api .

        VirtualHostName      Server name orddev.foo.com.au    / var / www / orddev documentroot.foo.com.au ___ 443 / html         FollowSymLinks options      Allow Replace All             MultiViews FollowSymLinks options include NOEXEC      Allow Replace All      Allow, refuse order      Allow everyone              upload_tmp_dir php_admin_value "/var/www/orders.foo.com.au___443/resources/_tmp/upload/"              Rewrite engine      RewriteCond% REQUEST_METHOD ^ TRACE      Rewrite rule. * - [f]       ErrorLog / orddev.foo.com.au ___ 443 / ssl_error.log logs    Logs / orddev customlog.foo.com.au ___ 443 / ssl_access.log merged    CustomLog / orddev.foo.com.au ___ 443 / ssl_request.log ssl logs    Log level warning    SSL mechanism enabled    SSL each of -SSLv2    SSLCipherSuite HIGH: MEDIUM :! ANNULE: + SHA1: + MD5 :! SSLv2    SSLCertificateFile /etc/pki/tls/certs/orddev.foo.com.au.crt    SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/pki/tls/private/orddev.foo.com.au.key        SSLOptions + StdEnvVars        User agent SetEnvIf ". * MSIE. *"     nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown     Derating-1.0 Force-Response-1.0  Idea  

    What am I doing wrong?I know that the .htaccess file actually reads as if I were extending a 404 document. I am getting a big error that says the 404 document is indeed configured correctly.

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