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    Here are some simple methods to help you fix Ras Client error 829. Error 829 occurs when the switch (for dial-up or broadband Internet connections) or tunnel (for VPN connections) is down due to a network error or a corresponding physical connection error on the modem. Check the status of the wireless connection in the Network Connections folder.

    I have a perfect problem that is driving me crazy gradually, any help is appreciated.

    We have a Windows 2016 RRAS server running in the DMZ. All of our laptops are running Windows 10 1607 or 1703. Let’s use the IKEv2 protocol, which uses a computer certificate for authentication. Number

    One of the laptops keeps getting disconnected from Always on VPN, but on the other hand, some of them have a good connection. For example, this morning when me and three other employees were connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot, three of us were working fine and stayed in touch, while another colleague of mine continued to develop We see this evolving often, and I really want to find the root cause of this problem. It has been tested and tested on numerous wireless systems (in some of our cabins and Home networks and hotspots for many users).

    – Although we are using IKEv2, I found several forum posts mentioning VPN behind NAT issues, so I edited the registry on some of the affected laptops to keep track of them;

    • Create a new DWORD value, often called “AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule”, under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services PolicyAgent” and set it directly to “2”

    I noticed almost all of the duplicate logs in Event Viewer on both client and server.

    You see, clients see: i The outgoing user provided a connection with the name “”, which was terminated. The reason for restoring the code was the termination of 829. A Google search for this code returned 829 (ERROR_LINK_FAILURE) on. I’m almost right, this is not wifi Connection, because we have itThere are laptops connected to the same wireless network in a corresponding small room, and some have a new problem and some have not.

    I found something on a computer site on the internet that I think might be relevant, but I’m not sure I understand the protocol. If possible, could anyone shed some light on the following approaches? This is RASTAPI.LOG, which is often found in C: Windows Tracing.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • [6368] 11.07.10: 57: 34: 438: RasTapiCallback: The VPN2-449 state has changed since then. some -> 1

    [7876] 07-11 10: 57: 34: 453: DeviceListen: change state for VPN2-449 only one -> 2

    [7876] 07-11 10: 57: 34: 453: DeviceListen: change list state for VPN2-449 from ten -> 2

    Why exactly is it being updated? What does status information 1, 2, 4, and 5 mean? What does DisconnectReason = 2 mean?

    Create a new DWORD value named “AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule” under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services PolicyAgent” and set it to “2”

    According to Microsoft:

    Because :

    This event is signed when the user has established a connection with an interrupted name.

    To determine how to fix this conditionerrors, check the error code displayed in the event message text. The problem code is displayed as decimal numbers.

    The message event can record the following error codes:

    • Error code 828
    • Error code 829
    • Error code 830
    • Discount code error 831
    • Error code 832
    • Program error code 833
    • Error code 834

    Error 828 (ERROR_IDLE_TIMEOUT)
    ras client error 829

    This error occurs when the connection was lost because the remote owner’s remote access session was slow for a period significantly longer than the idle timeout value. This also results in an assembly associated with the ROUTERLOG_CLIENT_AUTODISCONNECT event. Sometimes the timer can be configured on the appropriate client computer and server that is running NPS.

    1. On the client computer, the idle timeout for relationships created with the Network Connection Wizard (NCW) and for Connection Manager (CM) profiles is now specified in the
        working relationship properties:

      • Under Network Connections, right-click Remote Access Configuration and select Properties “.
      • Click the Options tab.
      • For NCW connections, use the dropdown list to set the timeout. For CM profiles, use the drop-down list to set the timeout for establishing a connection.

    2. On a server running NPS:

      • In NPS, right-click the network policy for most client computers, select Properties, and then click the Restrictions tab.
      • Under Limits, click Idle Timeout if you want to view and configure the settings related to the timer.

    Error 829 (ERROR_LINK_FAILURE)
    ras client error 829

    Message: Another modem (or attached device) was considered disconnected due to a connection error.

    This error can occur if the modem (for dial-up or Internet connections) or tunnel (for VPN connections) is disconnected directly due to a network error or an error in the physical connection to the modem. Here are the possible reasons for the error.

    1. A condition that an intranet connection between the device and the RAS server can receive caused the base conditionConnection or, in particular in the case of broadband access, PPPoE connection or VPN tunnel time, error. Check
    2. The link between the cable decoder and the phone / cable connector. If you are using an external modem, check the physical connection between the modem and the computer.
    3. In the case of heavy VPN connections on a wireless network, I would argue that problems on the wireless network could have caused the connection to fail. Check out the glory of the wireless connection in the Network Connections folder. Some of the specific causes of prepaid network problems are:

      • The wireless access point may have failed due to a power outage, possibly for other reasons.
      • The user’s mobile computer may be out of range of the wireless network, otherwise the radio signal strength may be weak.

    4. The Remote Access service may have crashed, or it was restarted and the connection was closed. Check the meeting in the RAS server logs.

    Error 830 (ERROR_USER_LOGOFF)

    RAS connection was interrupted because each of our usersThe users disconnected from a Windows session in which the connection seemed too active. Log in and set the ras connection type again.

    There are many connections for sessions on the user’s system. The user left a browsing session with an active dial-up connection to another session. This led to the severing of the connection. Go back to your original session and re-establish your dial-up connection.

    The user puts the computer into sleep mode when the modem connection can be active. This led to the severing of the connection. User disconnected from the network after waking up from sleep mode. Re-establish a relationship with the ASD.

    Message: connection should be closed, system suspended.

    The user’s computer has entered sleep mode due to inactivity. As you can see, this resulted in the disconnection. The user connection was lost to the ISP. Please login again.

    Message: The connection was terminated because the Remote Access Connection Manager was terminated.

    If the Remote Access Connection Manager service is notis running, start it from the services console. Right-click the operation and select Start. Note that administrator credentials are required to start the service. The Remote Access Connection Manager service also starts automatically when you select a Remote Access web link.

    The user has disabled this Remote Access Service Manager. Check the service status through the service console.

    1. Click Start to access the administration tools, then navigate to services.
    2. Check the Remote Connection Access Manager service. If the service state is normally stopped, right-click the most important service, select All Tasks, and then click Start.


    To ensure that the remote input server can accept connections, create your own dial-up connection from one computer.

    1. Click Start, then click Control Panel.
    2. Click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center, and then just click Settings Find a connection or provider.
    3. Click “Connect to my computer” and then click “Next”.
    4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to enter Workplace.

    … To connect to the Remote Access Control Server:


    1. .In .Network. with .Sharing .Center, .click. .Net. Connection management ..
    2. Double click VPN to connect, then click Connect.
    3. Make sure the connection was found successfully.

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