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    Hope that if you encounter NCR error code 8015 on your computer, this guide can help you.

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    NCR ATM ERROR STATUS REFERENCE GUIDE Each time an error occurs or the status of an NCR ATM changes, an error message is generated. These messages are formatted and sent to the ATM network, where support operators can view and respond to the presentation. In addition to the activation message sent to the network, it is also printed on the ATM manufacturer’s journal printer. This message most likely indicates a range of information, such as which device is the type of error condition (for example, the message is usually also if the error was the result of a function that the main vending machine itself performed (unsolicited state) or an action was initiated (requested state), directed to a specific ATM network. This information may be useful in investigating customer discrepancies or reconciliation. The following section details the format and interpretation of all error status messages noted in the log.

    Please note that these messagesThe status reports sent to the ATM network each time are translated in addition to error reports that can be returned to the networks that may have been associated with a particular operation. Please note:

    Depending on the settings of the software loaded into the ATM, the details of the message may slightly differ. Synchronization with APTRA 2.06 and NDC + SW. MESSAGE STATUS FORMAT Each layer message is divided into characteristic fields, which together describe an error condition or change that has occurred to the ATM. The following figures explain the format of the error message and the definition of each field in the message.


    tttt * m * d * aa.a, M -bb, Rc Transaction serial number (tttt) is your four-digit number The (in line 0001–9999 ) that represents the transaction of the affected customer, you will see the error status. The message status type (m) is an unambiguous descriptor with two possible values: at least one = the message was sent through an ATM, but not requested if the computer network displays the Not Requested status. 2 s matches an order sent to ATMs in the market that responded with an error message indicating that the host has requested a status. Device Code (d) – This code looks and always looks like a single uppercase alphabetic character. It identifies the Universal Serial Bus device that originated the message. Transaction / Device Status (aa.a) – This code can contain from one to 15 digits. It will bring information about the rejection of the client’s transaction or about the rejection of the client’s transaction before the fact that an error message has occurred. Diagnostic Module State (M-bb) is a two-digit selection that provides a more detailed description of the failure state of a lost hardware device during a failure state. These permanent numbers appear after the letter “M-” in the current status message. Delivery Status (R-c) is any number up to five digits that can explain the status of a foreign refund, paper, or containers tracked at a particular ATM. NCR
    Confidential and Intellectual Property
    RESTRICTED Page Edition 1 combined with 5

    Foreerror message mat tttt * m * d 7. aa.a, M-bb, Rc Accessory status

    Transaction serial number Device code Message status type

    A = Clock B = Power failure C = Card Reader / Writer E = Distributor Panel F = Deposit G = Receipt Printer H = Journal Printer J = Anti Vandalism K = Night Mode L = Cryptographer M = Camera P = Sensor R = Supervisor V = Report Printer
    < br> Transaction / Device

    Diagnostic module status

    Messages in main mode: * 1 * A * hours of the day * 1 * B * power failure * 1 * D * card reader / writer * 1 * E * distributor * 1 * F * deposit * 1 * G * receipt printer * 1 * H * journal printer * 1 * I * validation printer (5070) * 1 * J * vandal proof (5081) * 1 * L * encryption * 1 * M * camera * 1 * N * door access * 1 * O * floppy * 1 * P * sensors * 1 * Q * Touch screen * 1 * R * Supervisor keys * 1 * V * Statement printer with bank account * 1 * Y * NCR Confidential and Intellectual Property Coin Distributor

    * 1 *] * Document Processing Module * 1 * * Envelope Dispenser * 2 * D * Card Reader / Writer * 2 * E * Dispenser * 2 * F * Deposit * 2 * I * Check pPrinter (5070) * 2 * K * Night Safe D Deposit * 2 * O * Flex Disk * 2 * Q * Touch TV * 2 * V * Bank Statement Printer * 2 * Y * Coin Dispenser * 2 *] * Module Document Handling * 2 * * Envelope Dispenser * 2 ** Order Rejected * 2 ** ### Specific Order Rejection with a reason for the Rejected Message Type, where ### is just a letter followed by 2 phone numbers. LIMITED CIRCULATION Page 2 related to 5

    Device Code E = Currency donor format = * tttt * m * E * aaaaaaaaa, M-bb, R-ccccc Field specifications in ‡ ‘* tttt * m * E * aaaaaaaaa, M -bb, R-ccccc aaaaaaaaa = Transaction / Device Status (This field describes what happened during the transaction, according to the first field number is used in many simple ways, how tickets were issued from each new cassette with the remaining 8 numbers in the field.) < br>
    Ethics is possible for each digit “double aa aa aa”:
    aa aa aa aa

    Character 1 – This character, which is generally known as a transaction code, describes, what happened during the distribution process.

    Signs 2 and 3 The number of banknotes issued by the piggy bank № 1

    Signs 5 and 6 The number of banknotes issued by the box for banknotes № 3

    Possible valuesFor a specific character, 1: 0 – the send was reliably successful, but in fact an exception occurred. 1 – the number of bills issued is less than requested. 2 no – invoices issued. 9 – A wrong distribution has occurred and the number of tickets issued is strange. 4 – Tickets were handed out or the card was not launched before the tickets were issued. three – However, some or all of the tickets were not collected by the cardholder and either some or all of the tickets were removed from the rejected ticket basket.

    Confidential and Intellectual Property of NCR

    Characters 2 & 4 Number of tickets distributed between cashier # 2

    characters above 7 and 8 Number of tickets issued by cashier # 4


    > Device Code E = ATM (continued) Special Fields â ‡ ‘* tttt * m * E * aaaaaaaaa, M-bb, R-ccccc bb = module status Possible values ​​for “bb”: 00 – No error 01 Select – requested to remove from cassette that is not installed 10 – Too many banknotes rejected 03 Removal – Error 04 Eject – Cassette error too little too little silver 05 – Sensor error or media jamEbra in summer – Branch valve error 07 – Deviation Container not available 08 – Waste container overfilled or sensor blocked 2009 – Communication error communication with dispenser 10 – Operation was not attempted because it was previously unsuccessful 11 ​​- Invoices are stable during transport operation failed 16 – Presenter mechanism defective or packed 13 – Dispenser locked, accessible 14 – Dispenser locked, completed 15 – Banknotes overflowed, sensor 16 – Main transport time slot or main AC motor failure 17 – Output sensor defective or locked nineteen – Money jam in the presenter conveyor and / or possibly a defective sensor 19 – Exit sensor / sensor locked (notes may be in the end slot) 20 – Dispenser disassembled 21 – Security breach 23 – Security lock 25 – Flex CD authorization not required 28 – The NVRAM zone cannot be b is displayed (SOH cannot be updated) 30 – Error with transport sync disk or speaker motor30 – Transport warnings from the master the master is blocked or the agent is out of order 32 – Pulse failure on the executive processor (80652) thirty-three – Communication error on the I2C bus (80852) 34 – An attempt was made to perform an operation with a note that was not folded banknotes, or the withdrawal operation was attempted without t Advantage of the comments provided 36 – Incomplete operation due to separation of functions due to switching on I would say that the ATM access door was activated 34 Dismantling – Valve check was not a problem because 37 cassettes were installed – Enabled tamper notification service 38 – Tamper notification service is disabled 39 – LVDT or related circuits are not working properly 40 – Note that settings simply have not been adjusted due to nonvolatile memory violation or first operation since first power on 41 – Incompetent attempt to recover the cartridge that worked was 146 SDC link

    Conf NCR Identity and Intellectual Property


    Device code E = Currency Donor ( (Continued) Field Features â ‡ ‘* tttt * m * E * aaaaaaaaa, M-bb, R-ccccc ccccc equals Supply Status (this 5-digit preset field describes the state of the dollar in the reject container and each, I would say, d boxes.) Description and possible treasures for “ccccc”:


    character 1 – describes the state of bypassing all containers 1 = bypassing container not too full 4 = bypassing container too full

    characters 2-3-4-5 – informs about the delivery status of cassettes 1-2-3-4. 0 1 2 3

    means = = =

    No new status Enough banknotes Few banknotes issued


    * 1234 * 2 * E * 101010000 , M-04, R-13100 (In this example, the parties asked for $ 50 but received only $ 30)


    Transaction 1234 directed the website host to an ATM machine (2) to remove money (in this case, a banknote of 20 dollars and 1 banknote (slot 10 dollars) than the ATM (E) hit when trying to remove banknotes from the cassette, which, in the expert’s opinion, there was too little money, to an error when withdrawing ( M-04) Currency status (101010000) indicates that slightly fewer banknotes were issued than indicated (number 1 = 1), a large number of cash registers tickets per person (numbers 2 & 3 = 01), and one of them is tickets from to 1.5 (numbers 3 and 4 = 01) Inventory status (R-13100) determines that the waste container is not full This is (one digit = 1), cash register 1 often has no banknotes (digit 9 3) = and cash register 2 seems to have enough notes (digit or possibly = 1).

    NCR Privacy and Intellectual Property


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