Over the past few days, some readers have informed us that they have encountered a flat file system database management system.

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    A flat file database is a database stored in a file called a flat file. The records follow a rich format, and there are no indexing houses or rough identification of relationships between records. This file is straight to the point. A flat file can turn into a simple text file (such as csv, txt or tsv), a file, or a binary file. Relationships can be inferred from dictionary data, but the database format itself does not make these relationships explicit.

    A word or phrase usually implies a small collection, but in many cases even very large databases can be homogeneous.


    Plain text files usually contain certain entries on each line.[2] There are actually different conventions for representing data. In readme files with comma-separated values ​​and comma-separated values, fields can only be separated by delimiters such as commas or missing characters. In other cases, each field may have a fixed length; short values ​​can be filled with space Real avatars. Additional formatting may be required to avoid delimiter conflicts.

    Using separators comes with an overhead because they localize every moment of your processing (as opposed to fixed-width formatting), which can impact performance. However, the use of characters (especially for comma separation) is also considered a crude form of data compression, which can improve overall performance by reducing the amount of data – purely for data transfer purposes. The use of associated character delimiters containing the dimension component (declarative notation) is relatively unimportant, but greatly reduces the lookup overhead associated with the scope of each individual field.

    Example files are provided by /etc/passwd and /etc/group on Unix-like operating systems. Another example of a flat list is a list of names and addresses with fields for a person’s name, address, phone number, and number.

    Handwritten list of names, addresses and telephone numbers any sheet of paper is actually a database in the form of a flat file. This can also be done with any typewriter or Word processor. A spreadsheet or text editor service can be used to implement a working flat file database, which can then usually be printed or used online to reduce search capabilities.


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  • Herman Hollerith’s work for a certain US Census Bureau, first conducted as part of the 1890 US Census, including perforated tabulated data on paper maps,[3] can be considered the first computerized database. flat files that do not (presumably) contain cards, index second cards, or otherwise refer to records of individuals (i.e., individual cards) acquired through membership in an IR group may be stored.

    In the 1980s, computer applications with customizable flat data files were popular on the IBM PC and Macintosh. These programs have been designed toto increase the development and use of their own databases, and eventually almost eliminated the popularity of spreadsheets for word processing. popular dBase.

    Flat filelists are pervasive and ubiquitous because they seem easy to write and modify, and serve many purposes in an incredibly simple way.

    Modern Implementations

    NoSQL linear data stores, JSON data, primitive Excel spreadsheets (possibly comma or tab delimited), and copied files can all be considered flat file databases because they do not have built-in indexes and links between them. weather data or complex data types. Programs for managing book collections, as well as meeting and address books, can essentially implement single-purpose flat file databases that store and retrieve information from flat file files not provided with indexes or help systems.

    While almost anyone can write a table of contents in plain text, the original text formatfile itself probably does not contain the concept of a table of contents. While a person can write “friends with Kathy” in the notes section of John’s email, this is interpreted by the specific user and not by the built-in database. If a database system starts recognizing relationships between records in addition to codified ones, it starts moving away from “flat”, and if it has a complete system for describing types and ordered relationships, then it is now too well established as “flat”. be valid.

    Sample Database

    The following example shows typical flat file database elements. The data layout consists of a series of columns and even rows organized in a tabular format on the computer’s hard drive. This particular example uses one table.

    flat file system database management system

    Columns include: Name (male and female name, column); second team (supported sports team username and person, third column); and you just use a unique numeric id (to uniquely identify records, first column).

    flat file system database management system

    Name IDteam building1 Amy Blues2 red beans3 Chuck Blues4 Richard Blues5 Ethel Reds6 Fred Blues7 Gilly Blues8 red hanks9 Hank Blues

    This data representation scenario is fairly standard in the industry for a flat file database, although there are currently a few additional considerations that are not obvious from the text:


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