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    eseutil /mh bad checksum error count

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    How To Quickly Fix “Bad Checksums” After Launching Eseuti … – July 16, 2005, 11:01:00 AM A

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    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I found that I was unable to complete a full backup to a specific Exchange 2003 server while traveling. Error in my Brightstor ArcServe CA: v9 “E8602 could not parseect from database –EC = backup agent error – (69) read / write errors on some pipes “.

    So I use eseutil.exe / k to check the Exchange Server I database and get the following output:

    File: d: Programs exchsrvr mdbdata board.edb

    Checksum status (% complete)

    1 10 5 30 54 50 60 years 70 seventy-eight 90 100

    | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | — |
    ………………………… ERROR: checksum page 956171 (failure 0x
    779e779ecac5729d / 0x77c277c2c187091b) < br> …… ERROR: Checksum error for WWW page 1130500 (0x64786478ce5a4091 0x64786478ce5a4
    081 et)
    ERROR: Checksum on page 1130516 does not work (0x79aa0655e4ab0b31 … 0x.4ab0.

    1534146 seen finished

    3 bad checksums
    1286 uninitialized pages
    0 unethical page numbers
    0xee43d02 highest dbtime (pgno 0xd4)

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  • 95885 calls made

    5992 MB read
    55 seconds required
    108 MB / second
    56732585 milliseconds used
    591 milliseconds per read
    37281 milliseconds for slowest read
    79 milliseconds for fastest read

    File: d: Programs exchsrvr mdbdata board.STM

    Checksum status (% completeneniya)

    0 ten 20 thirty feet approximately 40 60 60 50 80 than 100

    | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | —- | — |
    ……………………………………….. ………………….. ………….. ……..

    543744 Viewed content

    0 bad checksums
    77269 uninitialized pages

    Operation completed with error -1206 (JET_errDatabaseCorrupted, no information

    file or database is damaged) after 105.31 seconds.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this “incorrect checksums” error? Thank you very much!

    RE: What about the action plan with the wrong checksum after launch … – July 16, 2005, evening. 10:45:00

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    If found, you’ve messed up the new database. Et can also prevent online backups. First, here is a real article to help someone understand what your database is (or what should have happened). From what you specified in your pin, I was expecting a -1018 error, but it didn’t. Hope all this information is relevant to you.
    Understanding and Result -1018, Scanning for Exchange Database Errors -1019 and -1022

    http://support.microsoft.com/?id= 314917 When did our corruption happen? If recently, it is best to restore from the most recent good backup. Then read the transaction logs. This of course assumes that you purchased an up-to-date backup and in particular made copies online and linked all your transaction logs before the corruption occurred.

    eseutil /mh bad checksum error count

    Here’s a quick explanation of what I’ll be doing.

    1) Make sure the store is closed. Probably this is already the case.
    2) Perform offline backup of EDB, STM and LOG formats (the first rule of data recovery was “Do no harm”)
    3) Run ESEUTIL / D on the database. It can really solveto find this problem. Doubtful, but need to wait a bit for white space corruption in my database which can be removed during / D.
    4) If not, use ESEUTIL / P to work with the database 5) ESEUTIL run / K again to make sure corruption is reduced.
    6) run isinteg -fix -analysis alltests on this database. You may need to run it multiple times, it will not report any errors.

    7) Try to mount the database again. Do a full online backup associated with your entire storage group, as this will start iterating through / P or / D through signing the log file, so you will need new backups from now on.

    The main problem with recovering a truly corrupted database is that you don’t know exactly how bad the data really is. It can contain one page (and only part of a post) or thousands of pages and thousands of all posts.

    How can I prevent this from happening again? Page level errors are almost always common memory problems.

    1) Make the last backupcopy

    2) Update the BIOS of your computer.
    3) Update the firmware of one of the SCSI controllers.
    4) Make sure you have the latest HDD adapter driver installed.

    Hope this helps the little one. Good luck !

    [Jul 16, 2005 at 10:47 PM: Post edited by Jim McBee]

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