If your computer is showing Multimedia Family Error 3241 on your device, check out these recovery methods.

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    SQL Error 3241: The push notification family on device may be malformed. There are two possible causes for this error: This error occurs when you try to restore a database from a backup made in a newer version of SQL Server to an earlier version of SQL Server.


    A very common error when trying to restart a SQL Server database of any version:

    Msg 3241, Level 16, State 0, Line 4
    Incorrect click family format on device “c:SQLBACKUPSfile_13062019.bak”. SQL Server cannot handle media family. Msg 3013, Level ’07, State 1, Line 4
    RESTORING HEADER comes out really crazy.

    In this article, we will see how to solve the above problem.


    FlowThe article can be applied to each individual SQL server. The following is also requiredInstallers:

  • Firstincluding the SQL Server installer
  • Second,SSMS installer
  • Getting Started

    What does your error message mean?

    How do I fix error 3241?

    Restore SQL backup error 3241 In this situation, three options are available to resolve the problem: fix the error, then restart the recovery process. Proceed to restore my backup and restore the database later when restoring. Accept the alternative of restoring files from a backup as your recovery plan.

    Error rate 3241 indicates that the fuse is broken. The header is corrupted during remodeling according to the frequency of error 3013. Level 16 of the marketing error message indicates that the error can often be corrected by the user.

    To get more information about the error

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  • MoreInfo, a query that you can frequently revisit with the “verifyonly” option to display information about good offersabout this error.

    To do this, you often use T-SQL to validate or even corruptBackup values:


    Causes of problems

    Here is the coilbe many reasons. Sometimes a backup becomes infected with a virus due to a virus, malware, etc.A hacker attack in which the problem leads vigorously to where the backup is going on.Sometimes when the backup file is special, the problem may be that all files are notcopy correctly.

    If you need to move the registry from one server to another, go to the file size and compare the new original backup and the duplicate backup to make sure everything is correct.

    How to solve the problem

    error 3241 the media family on device

    In generalsolve the problem, you can try letting them save the file again. Sometimes your current foldercorrupted due to bad backup.


    How do I use stellar repair in SQL?

    Select the damaged or damaged SQL database MDF file,Repair the questionable or corrupted SQL Database MDF file for and.Save the data received from SQL Server.

    If the save fails again, your current save may be corrupted. If you decide to repair a corrupted database, a person canDo not use Stellar Repair by SQL ms. This SQL database recovery software repairs corrupted databases.

    How to Repair a Corrupted Database Using SQL Database Recovery Software

    error 3241 the media family on device

    YourThe database is infected, you can download this software – Repair the database:

    • The software will call your MDF file. The MDF file is the main data file. An analysis file that stores information.
    • Select the database type MDF file to restore and click the Restore button. Usually:
    • You can view tables, views, saved solutions, and other database objects directly:
    • Finally, if you need other Excel formats like CSV or SQL Server, you can probably save using the save icon.

    How to restore an infected backup

    If you don’t use the database often or want to restore the database directly, you can use the Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL.

    This includesHere is Stellar Backup Extractor for MS SQL. The computer software repairs a corrupted database in increments of a range.

    • First select the backup file with the software and then scan:
    • Next, you need to select any BackupSet. You can check the type and date on the back:
    • In summary, as you can see, all versions of SQL Server are supported. Even SQL Server 7!
    • If everything goes well, you will receive a success message:
    • You can select conference tables and view data.
    • You can save the data to SQL Server, to a CSV file, HTML file, or to this Excel file:

    In this article, we learned how to fix SQL Server error 3241. This error is due to a corrupted backup. Headers are usually very damaged. In the article, we link to several solutions. One is to have a backup again, if the system gets corrupted, you can restore part of the database with Stellar Repair for MS SQL.

    If yesdo not have access to real database access or want to restore directly,Your backup can now use the Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL to restore the backup.

    Download this software now to protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.

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