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    DirectX 12 (DX12) gives developers the ability to add stunning graphics to Microsoft Windows-based PC games. GeForce graphics cards offer advanced DX12 features such as ray tracing and flexible rate shading, making games with ultra-realistic visuals and much higher frame rates a part of everyone’s life.

    directx gesamtspeicher

    Understand the role of the Microsoft DirectX graphics environment in (dxgi) your good Windows Store DirectX game. DXGI is a new set of APIs used to modify and manipulate low-level graphics and graphics resource adapters. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to draw your mission graphics in the window.

    Think of DXGI like this: in order to directly access and manage the entire GPU, clients must have a way to describe this situation to your application. Pretty much the most important piece of information you’re looking for from a GPU is the location of the drawing pixels, which could potentially send those pixels to the touch screen. This is commonly referred to as the “backbuffer” – a place in GPU memory where you can draw pixels, then “flip” or “swap” them and send them to the screen in addition to the refresh signal. With helpWith DXGI, your organization can purchase these and specify how this buffer is used (called a custom swap chain because it is a de facto replaceable buffer chain that supports multiple buffering strategies).

    What is a DXGI adapter?

    The Microsoft DirectX Graphics Framework (DXGI) handles enumeration of design adapters, enumeration of display modes, selection of obstacle formats, resource sharing between activities (such as between applications and the Desktop Window Manager (DWM)) and presentation of frames created for a window or track to be displayed .

    To do this, users need write access to the entire exchange chain and a market handle in a window that displays the current return buffers of each of our replacement chains. You will also need to link both websites to the website to ensure that the current OS updates the van window with the contents of the previous buffer when requested again.

    Does DirectX 12 affect performance?

    DirectX 12 debuted two periods ago and promised significant performance and performance gains across the board. This provides better CPU usage, tighter access to stainless steel, and a suite of new features including ray tracing or DXR (DirectX ray tracing).

    The overall screen drawing process is as follows:

  • Get CoreWindow for your application.
  • Get a fantastic interface for Direct3D and object context.
  • Create a swap line to showcase the rendered image in my CoreWindow.
  • Create a render target to draw during rasterization.
  • Imagine an exchange chain!
  • Create A Window For Your Application

    Is Direct3D 11 or 12 better?

    Direct3D 12 represents a clear and appropriate departure from the Direct3D 9 programming model. Direct3D 12 offers anew opportunities are closer than ever before. Being so close to the device makes Direct3D 12 faster and much more efficient.

    First we need to create a window. First of all,Navigate to the window class populated with a specific WNDCLASS instance, then register the situation with RegisterClass. The window class created the basic properties of the window, including the icon to use, simple message handling (more on that later in this tutorial), and a unique name for the window class.

    if(m_hInstance == NULL)    m_hInstance implies (HINSTANCE) GetModuleHandle(NULL);Icon HICONHI=NULL;WCHAR szExePath[MAX_PATH];    GetModuleFileName(NULL, szExePath, MAX_PATH);// If character is NULL then use all the first ones found in your exeif (hIcon == NULL)   HIcon = ExtractIcon(m_hInstance, szExePath, 0);// Register the Windows classVNDCLASSwndClass.style = CS_DBLCLKS;wndClass.lpfnWndProc = MainClass::StaticWindowProc;wndClass.cbClsExtra = 0;wndClass.cbWndExtra is 0;wndClass.hInstance = m_hInstance;wndClass.hIcon = hIcon;wndClass.hCursor = LoadCursor(NULL, IDC_ARROW);wndClass.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH)GetStockObject(BLACK_BRUSH);wndClass.lpszMenuName = NULL;wndClass.lpszClassName corresponds to m_windowClassName.c_str();if(!RegisterClass(&wndClass))    DWORD dwError = GetLastError();    if (dwError != ERROR_CLASS_ALREADY_EXISTS)        Returns HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(dwError);

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Next, your family will open the creation window. We also want to provide information about the size of this window and the name of the window we just created. A long time ago,When you call CreateWindow, you get an opaque pointer to a tab named HWND; This is necessary if you want to store the HWND pointer and use it permanently to refer to the window, including deletion and re-creation and (especially important) when creating a DXGI exchange chain that a person uses in their own window. design.

    m_rc;interval x = CW_USEDEFAULT;int y = CW_USEDEFAULT;// There is no menu in this example.m_hMenu is NULL;// This example uses the correct 640 x 480 viewport without resizing for simplicity.integer nDefaultWidth = 640;int nDefaultHeight - 480;SetRect(&m_rc, 0, 0, nDefaultWidth, nDefaultHeight);Customizerect window(    &m_rc,    WS_OVERLAPPDWINDOW,    (m_hMenu != NULL) ? Right wrong    );// Create a window area for our window.m_hWnd implies the creation of a window (   m_windowClassName. c_str(),   "Cube11",    WS_OVERLAPPDWINDOW,    x, y,    (m_rc.right-m_rc.left), (m_rc.bottom-m_rc.top),    0,    m_hMenu,    m_hInstance,    0    );if (m_hWnd == null)   DWORD dwError = GetLastError();    Income HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(dwError);

    directx gesamtspeicher

    The Windows desktop application type is connected to this Windows message loop. You need to disable your main loopback program with this hook, write “StaticWindowProc” function for handling window events. It only has to be a static function because Windows is calling it externally due to the context of the class moment. Here is a very simple example related to a static message handler.

    RESULT REMINDER MainClass::StaticWindowProc(    HWND hWnd,    uint umsg,    WPARAM wParam,    LPARAM lParam    ){    Switch (uMsg)    {        Case WM_CLOSE:                    XMENU hMenu;            hMenu = GetMenu(hWnd);            obviously if (hMenu != NULL)                            destroyMenu(hMenu);                        DestroyWindow(hWnd);            Unsubscribe Class(                m_windowClassName.c_str(),                m_hInstance                );            profit 0;                WM_DESTROY case:

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