You may come across an error message that says that you are setting up and repairing spnego Part 1. Well, there are several ways to fix this, and we will discuss them shortly.

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    – UPDATE –

    A new LoginModule spnego has been opened. See the New Spnego Connection section – just around the corner, which still mentions new fashion note 1457499 – SPNego add-on

    I have received calls from several clients over the past few weeks and am here at SDN to configure and troubleshoot this SPNego login module for the J2EE engine. So I decided to write my blog first. Since there are already several blogs dedicated to configuring SPNego, I plan to write at least 3 or more parts about SPNego

    • The first position is for configuring SPNego and some general concepts (this was covered a while ago, but I think this is part of a series of successful full bug fixes)
    • the second position is about general issues, as well as some tools to figure out what went wrong.
    • Part 3 has been advanced with a more detailed bug fix, which can generally be helpful if the owners are unable to resolve the issue with the second member’s tools.

    Even if you cannot solve the problem with these three blogs, wehope they make it a little paler. And the logs and information you collect here will surely help you speed up any posts you might need right now.


    First of all, let me believe that the evidence for the SPNego login module is almost certainly good enough. I have proven that I have been working with SPNego since it was first developed for an enterprise client at SAP. Since then (of course since the update) there has been dedicated documentation that you can find here
    But the SPNego wizard has been available for several months, which in turn has made setting up SPNego a lot easier – and it looks (hopefully) it will be ready in about 30 minutes. I always recommend using all the helpers and that is the topic of this first part. Of course, this is not always easy – I had a lot of installations when something went wrong the first time and you might need to troubleshoot.

    SPNego Master A

    see note 994791 – SPNego master.
    You can download the SPNego wizard here (if not already included in your J2EE installation). Ta There is also a zip file in which I highly recommend posting a video about this installation. It’s fast, but with the pause icon of your video player, you can see what you need to know. The ZIP files also actually contain the PDF document and data source configuration files that you can use to configure the UME to connect as an LDAP directory.
    [if you are indeed using Sun For jdk from your J2EE engine, make sure you can use the JDK with 1.4.2_13 and not _14, _15 _16, or maybe with a. Unfortunately all of these versions contain a perfect bug that prevents Kerberos from being returned, please note 1057474 – NullPointerException running in KRB5LoginMoule]

    Create SPNego service user

    The first step is to set up a surf service in your LDAP directory. For the screenshots, I used a J2EE powerhouse that I (will) hooked up to a great Microsoft ADS.
    Create a user who will carry the ads and make sure the properties are set in the correct order
    * Password never expires
    * Use DES encryption types for this account

    Now set the Special Service Principal Name (SPN) for this user. The SPN can be any URL / DNS alias you would normally use to access your J2EE engine – you can also create a fully qualified computer name. Just try the steps
    setspn – HTTP User / Server Name

    for URL. You can do a quick check with setspn -L to ensure your settings were successful (all SPN matches should be returned)

    Connect UME

    configuring and troubleshooting spnego part 1

    Next, you need to reconnect the J2EE-specific user administration mechanism to ADS. To do this, download the attached dataSourceConfiguration file and the configuration tool note [click the browser theme, select the file and go to the Download page]:

    Then select it from the entire dropdown list and enter the required information.

    Now click Browse to select all user and group paths that contain your users and groups in the LDAP directory:

    Start wizard

    configuring and troubleshooting spnego part 1

    You are now ready to create Master SPNego. Just open it as url http: // servername: port / spnego

    The first screen is completely open to remind you what to do next, which is a good starting point.

    You should now inform the expert about your Kerberos configuration as well as the associated LDAP.

    (You can enter “Principal” or “Principal.” Either option should work fine.)

    In the next step, you tell the wizard how the search will work. The J2EE engine gets a Kerberos solution, which is usually SAMAccountName, but also a domain. Therefore, to find a user in the UME, it is better to separate the name after the first (label prefix, part z. Of course, you can also make other parameters simple and light, but j ‘will be based on the prefix first.

    First of all, I will definitely select the Create New Collection option to allow for more flexible use of each new model (for example, if you want to use SPNego with the Duet portal) and. So create another “spnego” template (this is probably the default one anyway) and if you want you can now deactivate Activate fallback baseth password (but of course “Activate SSO with SAP Logon Ticket”) € * activated.

    Assign Internet Components

    The last method is to assign the template you configured to the login component you are using (for a portal this is usually a ticket stack, for Duet it is osp_TicketIssuserComponent):

    Check …

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  • Good. If you’re lucky, everything is of high quality. If you are trying to push your installation make sure you are encountering this from a different computer (not the server) and using the fully qualified domain name. If that still doesn’t work, my blog might be helpful to you.

    Update: Many new ideas and updates are now available. The most important is the SPNEGO login module. In addition, there are several blogging sites in this series that cover all ABAP integration and other aspects related to SPNego. Here is a list of these blogs:

    SPNego Configuration and Troubleshooting Implications – Part 2 SPNego Configuration and therefore Repair – Part 3 SPNego Configuration with ABAP Data Source SPNego Configuration with ABAP Data Source – Part 2 SSODoesn’t work with SPNego on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Single sign-on directly to BSP pages from the Duet action pane SSO on BSP pages New SPNego sign-in module – coming soon New SPNego sign-in module

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