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    If your system has a processor to test the boot drive, we hope this blog post can help you fix it.

    With our personalized guide, you can test your company’s hardware: hard disk drive (HDD), unused memory (RAM), graphics card (GPU), and processor (CPU).

    1. Test your efforts (and try to fix the dangerous areas)
    2. Check memory (RAM)
    3. Test the Photo Card (GPU)
    4. Check your processor (especially if it’s overclocked)

    1. Test Your Hard Drive (and Try To Repair Bad Sectors)

    To evaluate your hard drive we have the option to use a live CD called Boot “Ultimate CD”. To boot from CD, you need to back up and configure your BIOS so that your good computer can boot from your CD / DVD drive. Read our guide “Changing the BIOS boot order”.

    When your computer starts to boot from your CD / DVD, you should see this. Go to “Hard Drive”.

    boot disk test cpu

    And use software often called “ViVARD” (often last on the list).

    If ViVARD does not work on these computerscomputers (for example, incompatibility of the controller with your hard drive, you can also use another software test).
    We recommend HDAT2 as additional software tests.
    To use it, check out our course: Test Your Hard Drive and HDATA2 Ultimate from a Bootable CD

    If you choose ViVARD, the computer will wait for this palace for a few seconds. Wait until the menu disappears. Also press ENTER to select the default option.

    Then you will get ViVARD on a blue background (don’t worry, it’s not Windows blue screen or BSOD if only one color matches). Now it will definitely scan your disks. It won’t take more than a month of seconds.

    Note. If you do see a red marker, look at the bottom of the screen. If you are on the hard drive, it will be labeled “Resources: PCI Controller”.

    The hard disk information is displayed on the right.
    Now select “Reassign Surface Test” and press the “Enter” button.

    Then you can test the row The vectors associated with your hard drive. To fully explore your hard drive, simply press the ENTER key.

    ViVARD will now patch your hard drive and use it to “fix” bad sectors.
    Here’s a quick explanation of the nature of the interface:
    – Percentage, Time Remaining and Speed: Displays the status and speed of the test.
    – Current: Sector Indicates the zone that is currently being tested
    – Errors: the number of errors found only from “ViVARD”. In case of error, the square will be red compared to the image below.
    – Reallocated using the number of bad sectors (represented only by the number of detected errors) that were recovered. *

    * In fact, vivar does not fix any failures (since they are physical), it simply indicates that the hard disk “behaves as if this sector does not exist”, so the program is no longer used and a blocking problem occurs, for example, disappeared).

    Note 1: The test may be shorter or longer depending on the size of your hard disk and performance of your computer. After running the virtual machine test speed test, it should be very high and in no way correspond to the actual average score. Testing next to a virtual hard drive is not of interest because everything is actually software, but it allowed the United States to make you a screen printing program with good image quality.

    At the end of the test, the percentage (percentage) remains at 100%, and the line “Log archive is stored in report.txt” is displayed in green at the top of the screen.

    boot disk test cpu

    Several cases are possible at once:
    – Either you have “Errors: 0” and “Reassigned ~: 0” Errors were not found (and therefore not fixed, because it is really useless)
    – Either your number of errors (Errors) exceeds the number of errors (Remaped): It makes sense to buy a new hard drive and transfer data (some personal information may be damaged. Broken sectors are included or not visible or not).
    – Either you have a sum of errors (Errors) equal to the number of correctionsRemaped: In this case, it means that all errors have been corrected, as the hard disk of a weak car can recover very well. This can result in data loss (or prevent Windows from restarting on the computer, if it exists).
    In this case:
    1) Leave the main error counter pretty cool, so it’s better to change the security of your hard drive
    2) Keep the error rate really very low and your hard drive can accept more errors (physically).

    Note. If the message “No disk ready” is displayed at the top of the screen, the program means that your hard disk may be considered defective. In fact, this message appears if the read head on my hard drive is not going where the computer requested. Causes random crashes.

    We recommend that you keep a backup of your reports if you have a hard drive, even if bug reports have been posted in the topic once.

    Here is a picture of most of the programs that found errors on the hard drive. ByAs far as you can imagine, not all errors that can be difficult to fix can be corrected, the consumer will have to replace it with a new one purchased.

    2. Test The Memory (RAM)

    To test your memory, we’ll probably use the same Live CD as above. But this time, close Memory.

    Memtest will now test all of your own RAM keys. This test splits random knowledge data into RAM, followed by a read to determine if the write was written correctly. Otherwise, errors are displayed in red at the bottom of the screen.

    As soon as the assessment is completed, the message “***** passed, no errors” will appear at the bottom of the screen, press Esc in the market to exit ***** if no errors were actually found.

    Here’s an incredible review of the program in case bugs are found on the site.
    In case you see, the program detects errors, and you need several sticks of RAM:
    – Turn off your computer.
    – Remove all your RAM drives, put
    – in the pal chke
    – And recheck
    – Do the same, you see, with other sticks to keep the sticks functional, throw out the broken ones.

    3. Test Your Graphics Card (GPU)

    To have a look at the graphics card, we could very well use the installed program associated with Windows. In this tutorial we will run 2 software tests with you: 3dMark and FurMark.

    3DMark is absolutely difficult to download, we recommend that you download it from the clubic.com FTP site (as FTP is faster than HTTP as it is for transferring information). To do this, go to the download page to get 3DMark (at clubic.And com), follow the link “Choose another server”.

    Install it and click “Run 3DMark To 11” to run the standard (test).

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Here is an example of an HD image displayed by 3DMark 11:
    Note Testing does not always identify problems, we recommend that you check a new screen on your computer from time to time to ensure that there are no errors in the images. If you see an incorrect process in any of the images there is probably something wrong with your graphic prompt on the screen.

    Furmark usually downloads from the publisher’s site (ozone3d.net) and fixes the problem. Then click “Test for production” to activate the benchmark (test).

    FurMark warns that this program may cause PC instability, overheating, etc.

    Note. Medical tests do not always reveal problems, we recommend that you check your computer screen from time to time to make sure there are no errors in your digital photography. If you see something wrong in any of the images, the problem is probably on the screen of your graphics card.
    The following figure is completely wrong because the entire original image has been scaled down. Click here to reflect the actual size.

    4. Test Your (mainly In Case Of Overclocking)

    We now support your quiz processor (CPU). This is a test of the car. the test is used for overclocking. To start, just press the ON button.
    The sentence of this test is sovereign when the processorloaded by operation. If the test fails, an error message appears in the test.
    As you can see, this program also has a monitoring function.

    Download this software now to protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.

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