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    You may encounter an error stating that Remote Desktop was unable to encrypt data. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will do it soon.

    My workstation is Win 7 Pro SP1 and I regularly use RDP – Servers and PCs on LAN – a mixture of Win g, Win2k3, Win2k8 and Win2k8 R2. I have been doing this with pleasure for many years.

    Each of our last few weeks, I’ve run into sessions that either fail to connect or fail with this error:

    ———————–Remote Desktop Connection———————–Due to a security error, this session will be terminated. Try connecting to the remote computer again. Search

    I have it, and I keep getting prompted to delete a few specific registry entries, but I still don’t have them.

    Does anyone know if a tunnel can affect another RDP session over a hardware VPN?

    When I try to RDP to a 2009 server on network 30 0 with any client (XP, VISTA, 7) bound to network 20.0, my RDP training fails (due to an error in data encryption that session terminated. Please try to help reconnect the remote computer) whenI’m trying to RDP to the same client on a 20.0 network from a 2003 server running on the same ESXi, it doesn’t work the problem doesn’t exist.

    Even if I hack 3389) (tcp) into RV042 and make server 2008 available from the outside via RDP, I won’t have any problems connecting to server 09 even from a laptop that has VPN turned off as hard as possible.

    P.S. Transferring large files in any direction (greater than 300MB) is NOT a new problem from any computer on a 20.0 network to a 2008 computer hosting a 30.0 network. . ! (using Stappen Om Problemen Met Gegevenscodering Op Extern Bureaublad Op Te Lossen
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