Over the past few weeks, a number of users have reported that they have stumbled upon an Asus laptop BIOS password.

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    Restart your computer, press the F2 (or Esc) key several times while the password text box is displayed, and press Alt + R at the same time. 3. If the Enter Recovery Password window displays normally, just enter the following password: ALAA4ABA, then your organization will enter BIOS.

    Since it is very common to set a BIOS administrator password, this password must be entered to enter the BIOS and change the BIOS configuration settings. This article shows all the ways to set up or reset BIOS administrator password on Asus laptop / motherboard.

    Step by step instructions:
    Set up BIOS administrator password on Asus PC
    Reset / DeleteSet BIOS password for Asus computer

    Set Up BIOS Administrator Password On Asus PC

    How can I unlock my Asus laptop BIOS password?

    Boot by holding F2 to enter BIOS / UEFI.When the password window appears, press Alt + r or Alt Gr + r.A window “Enter backup password” may appear with YYYY-MM-DD.

    1. Start / Restart Asus Press the PC key, F2 (or Esc) to enter BIOS setup (UEFI).

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  • 2. Enter the exact main menu, Security. (On some PCs, BIOS settings may be different; on some PCs, anyone can find the Security tab right in the menu.)

    3. Find the administrator password (or administrator password), press Enter and click on it.

    Tips: The User Password is the power-on password. If you have set up user security, you must enter the password before turning on the device.

    asus notebook bios password

    5! ! Exit and save the transition. The next time you look for BIOS settings, you may need to enter the BIOS password.

    Reset / Delete BIOS Password On Asus Computer

    Do You Remember Entering Your BIOS Password

    How can I find the BIOS password on my laptop?

    BIOS passwords really cannot be recovered. If you have left any of the passwords normally set in the BIOS, resetting the CMOS or NVRAM will help reset the actual BIOS to factory defaults and remove the BIOS passwords.

    If your company still remembers the account information entered in BIOS, it is quite easy to change or delete BIOS changes on Asus computer.

    1. Turn on the computer and press the key (or f2 Esc), then enter the changeBIOS to boot into BIOS settings.

    2. Often find the “Security” menu and click on “Administrator (supervisor) password”.

    3. Enter a new password to set up BIOS password on PC, asus, or just remove the password from the text package, exit and save the changes.

    Forgotten BIOS Startup Password

    If you didn’t enter the BIOS password, maybe try the next method to unlock the BIOS password on your Asus laptop or desktop computer.

    1. Asus starts the computer, logs into Windows and changes this date to 2001/01/02.

    2. Restart your computer, press F2 (or Esc) several times. When the security text box appears, press Alt + R at the same time.

    3. When the “Enter Rescue Password” window appears normally, enter the following password: ALAA4ABA, in which case you will enter the BIOS. Reset date and functions.

    This method should connect to Windows. If you’ve also locked your lost Windows password, here’s how to unlock your tech: Locked with Windows 10 laptop password Forgot how to unlock

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