If you are facing acdsee system error on your PC, you can check out these troubleshooting suggestions.

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    Hey Shirua. If you get a clean system (no viruses or possible OS damage), there is always


    Common causes of ACDSee crashes? especially when it crashes immediately on startup:

    1. Images in the startup folder are corrupted.
    2. ACDSee training itself is corrupted.
    3. Database corrupted.
    4. ACDSee registry keys are corrupted.
    5. Conflict with another program or process.

    Here are methods of analysis for each of the five possible causes of failure. I advise you to go through them quickly, as more, slowly, step by step A. I bet one of them should figure out the root cause of our problem.

    1. Shut down and restart the system to start uninstalling. Check if ACDSee starts when only the object is running.
    2. Manually start ACDSee with different startup folders. Click Start or Run, then type ACDSee20.exe c:. This will run pointing acdsee to C: which is the autostart folder. This test ignores all corrupted images in the startup folder.
    3. Uninstall and reinstall ACDSee. Test it, you can start again.
    4. Use Windows Explorer,to navigate to the personal database folder. Create a fake folder next to your real database directory. Rename the folders so that the space becomes the active DB and the name of the real DB changes slightly. Test ACDSee again – it will automatically restore the new database. [If you’ve gotten this far and don’t know how to find your db directory, post it].
    5. Remove ACDSee. Use Regedit.exe and delete the key completely: this HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareACD Systems. Warning ? does it almost remove the entries from ACDSee? use with sufficient caution. Then reinstall ACDSee and try again. Good luck.

    Drag an empty folder to the AC icon on your desktop.

    Sign in to another account on your PC and try speeding up AC.

    Look for a file called “default.dbin” which is probably the work of your AC-db (read its exact path to be sure). Rename this file (eg “default_old.dbin”) and rename the “default” folder (eg “default_old”) if the same file exists. Then try running AC again.

    Open cmd and type window:

    acdsee system error


    reg copy "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems" "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems_old" /S /Freg delete "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems" /F

    Hello, I had the same problem. I’ve been using Acdsee for ages, last updated to pro2021 in August and it’s been fantastic. 1 in a month, each acdsee did not open, you just feel and look for a second, then you overwrite it and also disappear. a few days ago both didn’t work again and I may not have been able to find your post again and also I didn’t have a solution, nor did the support team. I found it again and ran the cmd procedure and both seem to work.

    Registry Copier "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems" "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems_old" /S /Freg delete "HKCUSOFTWAREACD Systems" /F

    Hello River Congratulations -. You have now confirmed that Pro7 is running in safe mode on someone’s computer. This is an extremely important finding as it proves that this issue may be due to software conflicts. I am sure that many other users will benefit from your activities. Now the hardest part begins: finding texact reason.

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  • Step 1: Download ASR Pro and save it to your computer
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • First to your question about “clean install”. There are three things that can be damaged by improper ACD installation. Updating the program system, database and registry files. A clean install simply means that you usually fix all three at the same time. In addition to any uninstall/reinstall to correct the actual program code, also physically remove the database and registry entries related to the erroneous design and installation. At the bottom of this page, I have listed the steps during which you can set the manual cleaning slots to run Pro7 cleaning. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to follow these steps and you will be sure that your Pro7 installation as a whole is 100% clean. However, this may not be necessary in your case, as Pro7 works fine in safe mode.

    acdsee system error

    The next step is to reboot your current system and boot into Pro7 when nothing else is running. They have the ability to limit the conflict by getting other programs


    . If Pro7 still does not work, the conflict is most likely related to the launch of the program orand process conflict. To view all Startup Click applications, run and type MSCONFIG.EXE. When the appropriate dialog box appears, click the START tab to view all the Backdrop programs that start automatically when Windows starts. A software conflict is likely caused by a list type program.

    As you will see, each unit has a specific flag in front of it. Disabling allows you to temporarily remove any program after Windows starts. You can then restore this program by simply checking the box again and restarting Windows. For the same changes to take effect, the app “tells you” that you need to perform a hard reset. However, with a lot of changes to user-installed software, simply logging out and logging into Windows will help (and save time).

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