You may come across an error code with error number 0x800ccc19. It turns out there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and we’ll go over them now.

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    What causes pop3 0x800ccc19 corruption? The root cause of the underlying pop3 error is incorrect SMTP with the POP port number. Specifically, if the entire outgoing mail server (SMTP) is configured to work on the 465 port series without encryption, we get this error code.

    One of the causes of error code 0x800CCC19 in Express Outlook and Windows Live Mail is an incorrect SMTP or POP port number. Specifically, if your company configured the outbound web server (SMTP) to work without encryption, but you changed the port number when you wanted to change it to 465 (the encryption port number), you may receive the error procedure described above. A general error message in Outlook Express looks like this:

    The connection with the server timed out. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Security (SSL): None, Error number: 0x800CCC19

    The error message is almost the same as in Live Windows Mail. See also

    You will receive the same error message (0x0800CCC19) if you configured your incoming POP server to use port 995 encryption, but never enabled encryption in your account settings. The error message should look like Like this:

    The server connection timed out. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Security (SSL): None, Error number: 0x800CCC19

    User-friendly solution: either enable encryption and use all number encryption ports (465 for SMTP, 995 for POP), or disable file encryption and use plugins with unencrypted numbers (587 for SMTP, 110 for POP). The error code for “Incredible problem with another incoming IMAP host” is 0x800C006F.

    0x800ccc19 error number

    You can check the port numbers available in the manual for information on the correct input numbers. Follows

    Also check that the hibernation mode is correct in your email account settings, such as email hostname, authentication, SMTP, etc.

    Sometimes this error can be attributed to the decryption of emails from messages by the current antivirus or firewall. Check your antivirus / firewall application types to see if you can disable scanning of outgoing and incoming messages. You can temporarily disable or uninstall the application at any time until youmake sure this is not a problem.

    Sometimes there can also be a delay before downloading a serious file attached to a message, or when downloading a new file with missing headers.

    If you need help setting up a patient’s email, you can also read guides or articles about some email clients.

    Microsoft Outlook comes with a whole new set of feature options with many sophisticated features that require sophisticated email management. Often, unexpectedly, bugs in various software clients such as Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook or other third-party POP3 email applications affect the day-to-day work of users. It is time-consuming when you need to thoroughly investigate these errors to make sure you fix them.

    One of these errors that occur when sending or receiving messages in MS Outlook: “The connection to the web server timed out 0x800ccc19.” this error and possible own methods of its elimination.

    Causes of Error 0x800ccc19

    There are almost always many factors that cause error 0x800ccc19. Some of the common reasons are listed below:

    • One of the most common causes of errors is a misconfigured system file. One of these files is pop3uidi, your current file, which it turns out to be primarily responsible for the error.
    • A firewall or many antivirus programs can be a major hindrance in many cases, just as they scan every message and also check your inbox and block email access. It is recommended to temporarily disable this option in order to check if the antivirus is causing this error or not.
    • Other possible causes could be an incorrect port number, poor Internet connection, or completely incorrect Outlook sync data.

    Allow administration of 0x800ccc19

    There are several manual methods to resolve the “Timeout was suspended while communicating with device 0x800ccc19” error, which can be an obstacle for these errors.

    Small group POP3 accounts

    Because this error occurs regardless of whether you post orWhen you receive email, lightweight POP3 group accounts can simplify the sending / receiving process. This process can be adjusted in the following steps:

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  • 3. Under Send and Receive Group Name, click New and give the group a name

    4 p. In the next field, select the most important accounts that you want to assign to the group.

    5. Checkboxes “Send messages” and “Receive messages”

    7. Similarly, you can create small groups and press once to close them with your finger.

    8. Now when you need to send or receive an email, you can send / receive and click the expected group name.

    Recover using email client

    One of the real reasons you might get this error is the wrong POP3 or even SMTP port number. The port selection must fit all environments, so if it is an encrypted phone port number, encryption must be used and the same case must end in the other direction.

    Below are the port numbers for incomingand outgoing protocols. This includes carry numbers that do and do not support encryption.

    Protocol name port number. (no encryption port number. (with SSL / TLS encryption)
    SMTP (outbound) 587 465
    IMAP (inbound) 143 993
    POP (inbound) 110 995

    Firewall Settings

    If Windows Firewall is not configured correctly, this could be the root cause of blocking e-mail. To fix this verification error, provided that Outlook.exe is available in most programs in the firewall settings or not.

    Empty your mailbox

    Sometimes, unwanted spam with unnecessary junk mail can be the cause of this error. This error is easy to fix if the problem is caused by a bunch of emails in your inbox. Regularly checking and filtering email may be optional.

    Final Words

    If some of the above alternatives become unnecessary for advertising due to the error “An error has occurredwhen exchanging data with device 0x800ccc19 “, the best alternative is to use tools from the third group or separate tools. One such tool is Recoveryfix Outlook PST Repair, which launches damaged / lost or corrupted PST applications in 12 steps. This tool works to recover corrupted saved or damaged / lost files efficiently and hassle-free.

    0x800ccc19 error number

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